Concierge service for premium cards holders

PRIME serves the premium cards and the premium package of services of the largest Russian banks and the companies holders. Today we provide corporate services to the following companies: GinzaPrime (in partnership with Ginza Project holding), Ural FD, IFC, MBA-MOSCOW Bank, BKS financial group and the Rich Murray company.

Opportunities and advantages of cooperation with PRIME:

  • One-time purchase of a certain number of memberships (from 50) on a special rate.
  • A possibility to provide PRIME service on behalf of your company (White Label).
  • Call-center – 24/7 support, the allocated telephone line.
  • Personal service by the selected group of managers under each project so clients address the same employees.
  • Phone calls returning – 100% processing of all incoming calls.
  • Possibility of connection of the IVR function and voice routing of calls.
  • SMS-interactive for the client.
  • Organization of personal travellings.
  • Prime Hotel Collection: exclusive privileges in the best network and personal hotels worldwide – the American Express level.
  • Loyalty program for premium segment.
  • Cityguides – restaurants, hotels, routes and services recommendations.
  • Thematic mailings / Newsletters.

White-Label service

We can provide PRIME service on behalf of your company. In case of this cooperation PRIME:

  • selects the necessary number of the assistants
  • only for your clients;
  • provides the allocated telephone line;
  • creates the domain for clients of the company;
  • develops marketing materials if it is necessary.

The package of services includes the operation of PRIME call-center, financial and service privileges provided by the partners.

Our clients

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